Basics: Compact Powders Or Loose Powders?

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The compact powders are a perfect product for girls who start to put on makeup and do not need to use a makeup base yet. The powders help to unify the skin and give that good looking image as they help to shade and disguise the odd granite.

We can find many brands that have this product, in some cases we have the usual chemicals, minerals and now increasingly those that have natural components such as rice, aloe vera, etc. There are also sunscreen, with vitamins, moisturizing, matting. As you can see there is a huge range of possibilities.


If you are starting to use makeup, do not let yourself be carried away by brands or by what your friends tell you, keep in mind what your skin needs. As I commented with the foundation of the makeup test the powder on the wrist is not the best option, it is better on the chin or neck and so we can choose the tone of powders we need better.


We can use them without base, as I mentioned before in the case of young skins but always with a moisturizer underneath, never forget to cleanse and hydrate your skin. A trick for the youngest, before the moisturizer is completely adsorbed without being wet apply the powder and you will look like the doll but very natural.

If you already use make-up base, the compact powders will help you to seal and retouch it during the day when brightness appears. In this case we can talk about loose powders, they are more suitable to seal makeup. I recommend you use them at home when you put on your makeup and carry the compacts in your bag for touch-ups.

Things to keep in mind are, for example, that you have sunscreen, so you avoid photo-aging your skin, covering enough but without choking the skin, having a smooth texture and personally that its components are as natural as possible to avoid reactions or allergies of the skin. To apply them you only need a large and sufficiently dense brush, remember to always shake off the excess powder left in the brush before applying them or they will mark the lines of expression, besides it is not necessary to apply them all over the face, as it is to seal and matificar we will apply them especially in the zone T with circular movements from inside to outside. At the time of choosing I think that those who carry more silica are thinner and we will be matificar better without noticing.

In short, use loose powders if you want to seal and tint the foundation and compact if you use them alone or for retouching. For both, use a large, thick brush, always shaking the excess. Lean on those with high silica content if you have glitter problems. You have them white, translucent or with color, select the one that interests you the most, if you use it just look for a tone similar to your skin, if you want to seal and matify the whites and translucent are the ideals.

I have some translucent powders MAC and then I have two compact. One that I use mostly in summer, alone and without a base, to simply unify the skin tone and another totally white for touch-ups in the most greasy areas since in those areas I also tend to darken the base a bit more.


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