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The beauty secret of oriental women, pearl powder is a method formerly used in China for its exfoliating, anti-inflammatory and skin regenerating properties. Employed, since at least 2000 years ago, in the powder of pearls have been found 18 amino acids and 12 bio-active minerals which are translated into a protective barrier against free radicals.


Scientifically proven, sea ​​pearl powder is made up of a unique variety of substances and minerals that powerfully influence the beautification and healing of multiple skin conditions. In addition, elements such as iodine, calcium, and proteins that determine their regenerative reliability in damaged tissues have been identified.


It is possible that it is used in different types of skin due to the amino acids it contains. On the other hand, pearl powder levels out the consequences of hormonal changes, which often result in aesthetic problems such as acne or changes in the natural coloration of the skin.


In the same way, pearl powder can act as a firming agent , slowing down the passage of time, and recovering the elasticity of the skin, preventing it from sagging, drying, and acting as a protective shield against external agents, such as ultraviolet rays or pollution, that also turn out to be important causes of different affections in the epidermis.


Pearl powder is not only restricted to the face, as the rest of the body also benefits from the wonders of this oriental remedy . If you want to use for an exfoliation, just before going to bed you can take about a teaspoon of pearl powder and join it with some facial cream you use before going to sleep. The next day remove the preparation with plenty of warm water and you will see how the complexion has changed markedly.


In the case of the body, it is recommended to increase the dose, that is, with the same teaspoon mix the powder but with more amount of cream , about 100 ml will suffice for the skin to take on a luminous, moisturized and rejuvenated appearance, attracting the attention in the way you want it so much.

Because it is always ideal to consult the experts, the dermatologist, María Bernarda Durango trusts the ownership of these beautiful garments extracted from the seabed. “These jewels contain a high percentage of amino acids, which stimulate the regeneration capacity of the skin by enhancing cellular metabolism; which makes it more capable of repairing the damages it suffers daily. In addition, its delicate glow of mother-of-pearl dresses the skin with light. ”


No need to go to an aesthetic center to get a bit of the beneficial properties of pearl powder . With a mortar and a pearl you can make your own beauty remedy in a homemade way. Once you have managed to grind the pearl in a fine way, you can protect the preparation in a hermetically sealed container so that it does not end with a whitish mess in your home.

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