What Is The Use Of Loose Powder, How To Choose It And Use It?

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Among the cosmetic powders for the face, loose powder appeared recently. Without color, with a unique texture, they wonder what this product is for? And above all how to use it? 

Why use a loose powder?

Do you think that the loose powder is just another cosmetic product in your collection and that its effects are imaginary? You’re wrong ! The loose powder can serve you for several things, so that you look perfect and professional makeup !

We know that the complexion is the basis of a perfect makeup. The loose powder will allow you to achieve a unified and uniform complexion makeup.

It is a light powder that has a unique effect on your makeup. While a compact powder is used for touch-ups or to hide imperfections, the loose powder is used all over the face to show a velvety, silky and natural complexion.

Its second advantage is that it is a fixative for makeup . You will see in this article that it is applied after makeup and serves as a protective veil of your makeup for the whole day!

How to choose my loose powder?

Because of its anti-shine effect, loose powder is best suited for the oily skin that is the most affected by these areas of shine. Dry Skin ? Beware, some loose powders may accentuate the dryness.

The choice of tone is easier than with a make-up base or a compact powder, since the loose powder exists in general in neutral or transparent tones . It is appropriate then for all incarnations.

If you want to highlight a makeup, you can opt for a loose powder slightly dyed. On the contrary, if your goal is to reduce the brightness and absorb excess sebum, a translucent loose powder is ideal.

How to use loose powder?

The order for a perfect complexion makeup is:


  • Day cream
  • First
  • Makeup base
  • Anti-dark circles
  • Concealer

Then they can apply the loose powder, before the makeup of cheeks, eyes and mouth.

To apply it, favor a tassel and not a classic brush. Before applying the powder on your face, shake the tassel to avoid excess dust and end up with a face too pale or white, “doll” effect.

A large amount of loose powder is not needed, in general, the dust that remains on the lid is sufficient. Thus, your loose powder can last up to months! Finally, start with the T zone (forehead, nose and chin).


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