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Every woman’s dream is to maintain that picture-perfect look all day even come 3 pm in the evening. However, ensuring that your make up lasts all day is not always a walk in the park. At times you will follow every advice you’ve got from your girlfriends but still find that nothing is working for you.

This can be frustrating, but you need not to worry anymore! The secret weapon here is just having that ideal face powder. Today, the market has a lot to offer when it comes to face powders, all ranging from full coverage powders, translucent additions to your moisturizer and much more. In that case, it could take you hours before deciding which product could actually work best for you.

I must admit that it can be rather disappointing when the beautiful artwork you had in the morning melts down to a mess by midday. However, when you invest in a good face powder you can easily keep that masterpiece popping all day. Therefore, in this article, I will compile a list of face powders that have been handpicked by our team to suit all budgets.

5 Best Face Powders for You

Demablend Loose Setting Powder

Demablend loose setting powder might be what you have been looking for you to achieve that final popping makeup look. This is because the product is formulated according to all dermatological standards. Most people are quite surprised when I talk about this loose setting powder lasting for more than 16 hours but it has again and again proven to be every woman’s best friend.

Whether going for a party or just when there is a need to wear make up for long hours during the day. When it comes to Demablend loose setting powder, you don’t have to worry about touch ups now and then during the day so that your make up looks good all day. The powder itself is very lightweight and micronized. This means that the powders ensures consistent wearing and not forgetting that smudge resistance.

What I can say is that the Demablend Loose Setting Powder is the ultimate finishing layer for your make up. You will also love the fact that this setting powder has that fragrance free deal. More to that, the powder has been tested for all kinds of allergic reactions, therefore, it’s quite safe to apply on bare skin.


  • This setting powder is easy to apply using a brush
  • The powder is also available in three shades which include; cool beige, original and the warm saffron. For this reason, it can go well with just about any skin color
  • The powder gives you a perfect matte finish without giving you excess shine hence ideal for oily skin too
  • The setting powder is very smooth and unlike most of the common ones it’s completely not patchy
  • Most people like the fact that you can buff off the powder with a  brush even after just 2 minutes of application


  • When compared to other setting powders this one is a bit shinier
  • The powder is quite expensive
  • It doesn’t last long enough when compared to other powders

Jane Iredale Pure Pressed Base Setting Powder

Most people always like the idea of incorporating skin care into their makeup routines. The only problem with this is that most people never find the right products for this. I too searched a long time until I saw how my friend’s skin turned out after using the Jane Iredae Pure pressed base setting powder for me.

In that case, this setting powder makes the perfect combination of skin care mineral makeup that cares for women with sensitive skin and the skin types that are prone to frequent breakouts. The best thing is that the powder doesn’t actually contain any nasty chemicals to make all this happen. The powder comes in a couple of shades which include; the warm, neutral and pink undertones. More to that, it has a lightweight feel but just like any other powder if you put on too much you may end up looking cakey and dense.

The other fascinating thing about the powder is that it is a long wear. The powder lasts up to 10 hours during the day. Besides that, it is resistant to water and doesn’t budge when it comes in to contact with water. When applied you finally achieve that youthful, and fresh look that everyone desires.


  • The face powder is lightweight hence giving you that youthful, natural look
  • The powder has high-end antioxidants that help to minimize the skin’s UV damage
  • The powder is also oil free hence ideal for persons with oily skin
  • This powder is ideal for people with sensitive and problematic skin
  • Also, the powder contains a range of shades which include; neutral, pink and warm undertones
  • It is a long wear powder that could last up to 10 hours a day without needing any touch ups


  • A few customers have complained that the pressed powder tends to fall apart faster than expected
  • The product is quite pricey

Julep Insta-Filter Mattifying Translucent Finishing Powder

This Julep Insta Filter finishing powder is just the ideal wonder for all of your makeup needs. It gives you that refreshing look without any talc issues. Generally, this powder is ultra-flattering and comes in a translucent powder that makes it easy to transform your makeover into a perfect yet soft HD finish. Who wouldn’t want that?

More to that, this powder is designed to suit any bare skin or even for use over any kind of makeup. In such a case, it could be used either to blur fine lines, pores or even imperfections. When the powder is applied on to the skin, it mattifies instantly and the blends of silicone and powder in it gives you the ideal velvet-like feel. That way, the wrinkles and pores on your skin are completely diminished.

The nature of this face powder is literally something to die for as it melts in and blends in well with your skin hence leaving that invisible soft focus on your skin. Also, it helps minimize the shine on your face and could be ideal for anyone with an oily face.


  • The powder helps deal with shine on the face any day hence perfectly setting the makeup
  • The powder is very fine and really easy to apply
  • More to that, the powder helps with blurring the pores, fine lines and any other kinds of imperfections on the face
  • The packaging of this face powder is quite classy


  • The face powder may tend to leave white patches on your skin although this dies down quite fast
  • The product is quite pricey

Cargo Picture Perfect HD Pressed Powder

Have you been looking for a face powder that can give you a flawless finish while still staying completely natural? Well, look no further! The Cargo picture perfect HD pressed powder is the ideal powder for you. In that, this powder gives the user complete coverage while still giving them a completely natural look.

This face powder contains photochromatic pigments which tend to adjust with the lighting. Hence, it helps you achieve that natural look easily with the micronized minerals that tend to reduce the imperfections and fine lines on your face. Besides that, this is an oil-free face powder although still, it has enough moisturizing and non-irritating properties.


  • The face powder is ideal for all skin types
  • It offers complete coverage while still giving you that completely natural look
  • The Powder is ideal for any kinds of high definition filming.
  • The photochromatic pigments available in the powder create a natural look which hides all imperfections in any kind of a setting
  • The powder is also parabens free
  • The powder has optical blurring properties which help ensure the skin looks flawless


  • The powder is quite expensive

Laura Mercier Loose Setting Powder

Well, this is one of the finest face powders in the market today. It makes a good setting powder that touches up your make up the best for the ideal final look. Considering that it is made from the finest cashmere talc, it has a silky and smooth feel over your skin. One thing you will love about it is that you never have to worry about getting that cakey appearance.

More to that, this powder comes with that long wear feature hence you can wear it for many hours all day long and it will still look great on you. The fact that it is easy to apply face powder it makes the best fit for quick touch-ups. Whether you will be at a party all night long or you have to work late in the office, with the Laura Mercier, you will have that perfect blend all day long.

This Laura Mercier face powder is a loose setting powder that is well pigmented hence it gives you a perfect velvety outlook after every application. All ingredients are tested and safe for all skin types. What are you waiting for? This is the ultimate must buy for any makeup needs.


  • The powder is lightweight and helps keep the face matte without much struggle
  • After application, the powder gives your face a little shine but not too shiny either
  • The output of this powder is undeniably flawless and smooth
  • It does quite well with daily routines for makeup needs since it looks natural and noncakey
  • The powder is entirely oil free


  • Some users have complained about the powder making their faces look old
  • Also, the Laura Mercier is rather smaller than it actually shows

How to Choose the Right Face Powder for You

To achieve that flawless finish for your face, you always need at least light dusting of face powder. Although a commonly ignored product, the face powder helps to set your makeup so that it can last even longer while evening out your skin tone. More to that, it helps to hide those minor imperfections on your face, absorb the excess oils and boost protection of your face against the sun.

All in all, to achieve these benefits, you need to choose the right face powder according to your skin type, color, and needs. If you are wondering how you will find this ideal powder against the thousands of brands in the market, here are a few factors that you need to consider.


Well, this is one of the major factors that you need to consider or you’ll end up looking like you are wearing a mask. In this case, you should ensure that the face powder has the same color as the skin. Hence, avoid those shades that either has too much pink or orange or pink undertones. Instead go for the powders with rich brown, tan brown or the neutral beiges. If you completely can’t find an exact match for your skin tone, opt for the face powders that are translucent.


Any powder is not a good powder until it has that lightweight and silky texture. This is because it will glide smoothly on your skin and blend out easily without looking cakey. When looking for the ideal face powder, try and avoid any powdery textures.


When choosing the best face powder for you always focus on getting something that will bring out that nice and natural glow to your complexion. For that reason, go for a powder that has a subtle and shiny finish. On the other hand, if you have an oily skin, you’d want to go for a powder with a matte finish. Shimmering powders are also a no as they will only make you look like a disco ball.

Dry Skin

The one thing that most women don’t know is that no matter what the powder label says, powders are not moisturizing. For this reason, most women with dry skins prefer not to use any powders on their faces. This is because they fear the powders will only make every fine line or dry patch they have on their skin look more pronounced. However, you can prevent this from happening when you use a face powder that has a satin texture that is almost creamy.

Oily Skin

Some women tend to have extremely oily skins and this means that not every powder will work for them. Women with oily skins should at least consider purchasing powders that have absorbing ingredients. This includes talc and silica that help to keep the excess oils and shine in check.


In most cases, you are advised not to rely on your powder as the only protection against sun rays. However, when you get a face powder with a considerable amount of SPF it could help to touch up your sunscreen throughout the day. All in all, this helps with people who don’t spend so much time outdoors. Choose a powder that has a broad spectrum of sun protection. This means you should go for the powders with more Titanium Dioxide, Zinc Oxide, Tinosorb, Avobenzone and more.


Application of the face powder contributes a big deal to how you look at the end of the day. You will find that there are some powders that have sponges that absorb too much powder or some brushes that are too scratchy or very small. That is why, if the brush you get when you buy your powder is not good enough, you need to invest in a good powder brush.

Go for a big, fluffy and soft brush so that it picks up just the needed amount of powder during application. Neither too much making the skin look heavy, cakey and unnatural nor too light that you don’t get enough product on your skin.


In the market today, we have lots of good loose powders that give the skin that beautiful and nice flawless look. However, these kinds of powders can be very messy to apply. For this reason, if you plan to move around more often, go for the pressed kinds of powders for touch-ups. This is because the pressed powders tend to be both travel-friendly and mess-free.

In Summary…

When it comes to achieving that perfect finish in your makeup, the face powder is always the real deal. In that case, make sure you choose the ideal face powder for your skin type. Most of the products out there will protect your skin from the sun, dust and appear way softer. But, this will never be enough without the right choice of the brand not forgetting the right match for your skin tone. Face powder could have a negative or positive effect on your overall look. Choose wisely!

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